Capital Cities on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

03 \ 10 \ 2013

One of Selector Festival artists with the warmest welcome appeared in the popular talk show...

It's a fashion in American shows to put on a band every now and again between actors and celebrities. Actor and comedian Ellen DeGeneres has hosted the likes of Elton John, Justin Timberlake or Ricky Martin. In the latest episode, Capital Cities and their single "Safe and Sound” somewhere between Jessica Alba talking about her daughters and discussion on Harry Styles' twerking. The band's trumpet player got the biggest applause, and he definitely has a fan club on his own. See for yourselves:

It's not all from the American duo, who met on Craigslist, by the way. Their single "Kangaroo Court" has been remixed many times. Below, find an interpretation from Forever Kid off his SoundCloud:

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